Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter adventures

Happy Easter everyone! This is the new home for the bloggings of E and Z. I previously was on another site but I've done some work to the branding of E and Z make; removed 'make' and re-designed the logo. You can see it at: For some strange technical reason, it will not let me put a picture of the new logo! Hopefully, in my next little blog, I will overcome this. :)

So, I've been doing a bit of wool based work lately. This is 'tunisian crochet' - a hybrid between knitting and crocheting. I love it!. This is my first attempt;  a cushion. What do you think? I am quite chuffed with how it has turned out. I used 100% wool and a size 20 crochet hook. Because if this size hook and wool, it has come out really chunky, so I thought I would go the opposite way with my next one;  a size 3.5 hook and cotton wool. Here it is so far:

I love how tiny the stitches are. This is going to be a phone cosie I think. Will let you know how it turns out!

Well, I've also got to tidy the sewing room; it is a tip! Fabric, buttons, scissors, bits of text are floating around and I can't even see the table. A bit of Easter tidying up is needed I think, but I don't think Zorro (the 'Z' in the name) is going to help.

She is more concerned with sticking her snout into things I've already made! This is an order for Studiocraft at Stafford- very excited about that! I am nearly finished with it but it is taking so long because I want it just right. Here is Queen Zorro- quality control at E and Z! :)

thumb_COLOURBOX2839116.jpgWell my lovelies I had better go and start cooking the Easter lunch.  Hope you have a lovely time with your family and friends and enjoy the long weekend! See you all soon, take care,
Jill :) 

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